Should a letter of inquiry or interest be sent first?

You will submit your inquiry using our online form to meet one of our two annual deadlines (September 1 and March 1). Once your LOI is approved (this may take up to 48 hours) you may proceed to fill out the application.

Should I call to discuss my project with you before I submit the request?

Yes. In fact, you must call for clarification to help you determine if this Foundation is the best match for your project. 541-957-8945 or 541-677-5578

Does my project have to benefit Native Americans in some way in order to be eligible to apply?

No. In fact, the Foundation was created to provide grants for projects that benefit all members of the community, with a special emphasis on support for youth and family.

What if I need the grant money before your deadline and grant review process are completed?

The Foundation is unable to expedite funding decisions for any group, therefore we encourage your organization to complete a long-range plan that includes a time-line for resource development. An application to our Foundation and to other sources would be a part of that annual resource development plan.

What if my project does not benefit youth education or youth and family, which are your priority areas?

In general, the Foundation reviews and places priority on supports for programs providing youth education and strengthening youth and family. Historically, a majority of Foundation funding has gone to these kinds of projects. If your project has a focus other than these priority areas, we encourage you to research other funders that may be a better match for your efforts.

What if my project is not operated within the seven-county area that you target for funding?

Then we would be unable to consider your project for funding.

What if the applicant organization resides outside of the seven-county area, but is applying for a project that would benefit communities within the seven-county area?

Then you would be eligible to apply, if all other eligibility criteria listed in the guidelines were met.

Do you make multi-year grants?

The Foundation prefers to make grants on an annual basis.

If my organization has received a grant this year am I eligible to apply for the next round of funding for a different project?

Only one proposal per year will be considered from an organization that has received a Cow Creek Foundation grant for that year.

If I applied a year ago for a grant may I apply again this year?

You are eligible to apply again if it has been a year since your last grant award. An annual report must be submitted showing grant expenditures and accomplishments prior to any further grant applications to the Foundation. However, please be aware that the Foundation does not wish to be an ongoing source of support for a project.

How many years in a row can my organization be funded?

For years, the unwritten rule has been that an organization can receive support from the CCUIF for three years in a row and then sit out for one year of applying for funding from Cow Creek. Due to the high volume of applications, this rule will now be enforced for all applicants.

How much money can I apply for?

We ask that you realistically determine your needs and where the Cow Creek Foundation grant may fit into the overall funding picture for your project as one of many funding sources. The Foundation does not want to be the sole source of support for your project or organization, and awards grants only up to $15,000. The Foundation much prefers to make smaller grants that will make a real impact on the project or for the sponsoring program.

If my organization does not have a 501(C)3 can it apply through another organization for its project?

The Foundation will not fund an organization without a 501(C)3 tax status designation who are using another non-profit organization as a fiscal or umbrella agent. If your organization is truly part of a collaborative partnership in a project with another organization that has been designated its 501(C)3 tax status, then the organization with the 501(C)3 may apply. That organization must in fact be administering the project and not providing the grant as a pass-through.

Should I send you videos and supplemental information with my grant application?

Please keep it simple. The Foundation receives many, many requests each grant round and is only able to review the information it asks for in the guidelines and application form. Please do not include additional information or send videos. It is acceptable to include up to 3 letters of support with your application form if you wish.

What if I forget to include all of the information you ask?

Please carefully review your request before submitting. We are unable to process requests that are not complete according to our guidelines.

What if I miss your grant application deadline by just a day or two?

We would be unable to process your application for that grant round and would ask you to resubmit for the next round.

How long will the grant review process take?

Because we receive many requests from the seven-county area, the entire review and decision-making process can take from three to four months to complete. Those who apply by March 1st will be notified by June; those who apply by September 1st will be notified by the end of December.

Where do I find the final report form?

Login to your organization’s account in the Cow Creek online application system like you are going to apply for another grant. Successful grants will have a follow-up form called “Cow Creek Grant Report” assigned to your organization’s primary contact person. Click on “edit” to view, edit or complete the grant report. Once complete, this report is submitted electronically through the online grant system.

Why do proposals get turned down?

On an average, the Foundation only has funding for awarding less than half of the requests that it receives. In the past, the Foundation has received requests totaling over $1 million more than it has money to give. Please understand how competitive this process is. We appreciate and respect how worthwhile each project submitted is for those it exists to serve. Projects that have:

  • followed the guidelines,
  • are within the priority areas for funding,
  • have a strong history of administrative capability and service to the community,
  • are meeting an important identified community need,
  • have also secured other funding sources and community support,
  • and have a sound plan for future financial stability

are more likely to be considered than those that do not.

Does the Cow Creek Umpqua Indian Foundation fund organizations that have paid staff members who also serve on the board of directors for the same organization?

No. The Cow Creek Umpqua Tribe does not view this as best practices for non-profit management.

What if I have a question that is not listed here?

Please call Foundation staff at 541-957-8945 or 541-677-5578 and they will be happy to answer your questions.